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MDP Chairperson Mariya Ahmed – A Red Lady

The recent parliamentary elections were a real eye opener for Maldivians. In the race for parliamentary seats, candidates from all walks of life and representing parties, proto-parties, various factions, families and what not slugged it out publicly in a no holds barred fight for power. Lead by example and practice by their leader President Nasheed, MDP was at the forefront in violating every law and regulation relating to the elections. President Nasheed romped around the country publicly slandering opposition candidates, their wives, husbands and even mothers. With his eyes reflecting the now familiar red haze of intoxication, President Nasheed’s tongue tripped over itself, his boots got lost in the official launch, his election promises got lost in his dream world and his party sank in the mire of the mud they slung.

One of the public casualties from this dung heap was MDP Chairperson Mariya Ahmed Didi. Although Mariya won the seat she contested, her true self was widely exposed to the public.

Mariya’s debut into public eyes occurred when she was expelled from school at the age of 15 for sexual misconduct in an isolated compound. Mariya, together with six others who had engaged in group sex activity, got expelled and served house detention. However, Mariya’s influential father liberated his daughter and packed her to India for studies. The ever increasing volume of gossip on Mariya’s prolific sex life in India and complaints from Mariya’s school about her indecent behavior compelled her embarrassed parents to drag her back to Male’.

Uncontrollable sexual deviancy in Male’ finally forced her parents to marry Mariya off to Maakun Sato; her partner from her group sex days. Maakun Sato is also the infamous mastermind of the FPID embezzlement fiasco. Mariya used this corrupt money from FPID to study law. This marriage too crashed on the rocks as Mariya’s seduction of her brother in law Umar Jamaal (currently State Minister for Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll) and their ongoing affair became public. Mariya returned home when Sato refused to pay for her every demand. Mariya hooked Amir, a guy years younger than her and was already hooked on drugs! Amir too, was sacked from defense forces!

With the bags of money she saved from Sato’s sponsorship, she arched herself into the drug circle in Male’. Her new marriage to Amir, a known drug addict, did not come as a big surprise to the district.

Spotted as an eligible hooligan by the MDP crowd, they hailed her into the MDP riot squad. She became a total humiliation to her constituency and especially for the women of the Maldives. Mariya demonstrated her incapability to rise up to the prestigious post of parliamentary membership. Seeing her screaming in raging fury at her colleagues at the People’s Majlis, Maldivian women bowed their heads in shame.

The next couple of years saw Mariya discarding her children and her drug addict spouse to travel on the road, hand-in-hand with her many boyfriends in MDP.

As soon as MDP candidate Nasheed was elected President, Mariya influenced Nasheed to appoint her sisters, brothers-in-law and sisters-in-law to high posts in the new government. The first appointment was sister Rugiyya, to a high rank at the President’s Office. Others followed closely … brother in law and ex-flame Umar Jamal to the post of State Minister at the Home Ministry; sister in law Farahanaz to the post of High Commissioner of the Maldives to the UK; and Sister Howla as Deputy Minister at the Foreign Ministry. Her brother in law Dr. Shaheed is also the Foreign Minister!

Sadly, Mariya’s background of sexual misconduct from early days of youth to her current prolific sex life is being dragged on the streets of Machchangolhi, spilling over into South Harbor café’s and forming the favourite topic of salacious gossip and speculation on the island harbours. Even sadder, is the fact that the expose was all true.

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