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A Video of the Thimarafushi vote scam

You are about to watch a video of one of the disruptions to vote counting on Thimarafushi Island.

Please observe the actions of the man with the ID tag hanging from his neck, leaning against the wall on the far side of the tent. His name is Mohamed Shareef (aka Korube’) of Athamaa-Aage’, Thimarafushi. He was MDP candidate Mohamed Mustafa's campaign manager on the prior to being appointed the Elections Commission’s Complaint Officer. He was witnessed campaigning furiously for Mustafa in several campaign rallies just before he was appointed to this post. In this video Shareef is seen acting outside his mandate (he was only supposed to receive & investigate election complaints, but instead simply took over the duties of Foshi Veriya from the 19-year old Asad Ibrahim Pink House / Th. Thimarafushi).

Just as the Elections Staff are about to pour out ballot papers from the Box for counting, Shareef limps across and takes a book on a table near the activity, and walks back to where he was standing. As pre-arranged, MDP thugs rush into the counting area, and Shareef quickly limps across to the table where the ballots papers are, and pushes the book he has in his hand into the lot, shouting, “put the ballot papers back into the box”.

You will observe the book is back in Shareef’s hand after the commotion is controlled.

According to witnesses (their names are not disclosed on their request) privy to this arrangement the book had a number (they estimate at least 50 - 75) of ballot papers in it. And in the commotion while removing the book these ballot papers were poured into the Ballot Box. The Ballots were done in the names of people who hadn’t voted on the day.

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