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The March towards 2013 (1)

Like any other Government, even the Nasheed-Administration is highly dependent on legitimacy; it is up to you to undermine this legitimacy, to question their credibility. As part of the movement for change, citizens must begin to doubt and challenge the actions of the rulers. For better or worse, any change is highly dependent on the ability to convince people that those to whom they have entrusted their future (the Country’s future) are paid agents of capitalist dons.

You must find ways to convince Nasheed fans that he’s no more than a fraud – an inefficient puppet, used by the clans that rule our tourism industry, to control the emotions and psychology of Maldivians. Nasheed’s 10 to 15 thousand fan believe in him the way mystical people believe in their God, you must doubt this faith, this belief in his ‘imagined’ mystique. You must undermine the credibility of agents working for the system that has produced this puppet, expose their pay, and expose their loyalties. You must do everything you can to teach people in your circle that their heroes are nothing more than agents of repression.

You must take apart the blind faith that some Maldivians have in the liars who twist stories to serve their bosses.

The very moment that people begin to doubt their ‘idols’ they begin to crave a more human system of beliefs. The moment that Maldivians wake up to the fabrications and lies of MNBC1, they will want the truth.

You cannot spark a movement for change until you’ve delegitimized the incumbent Administration and its puppet representatives. You cannot spark a change until you’ve ridiculed the power structures of the ruling party. Their hardcore fanfare have been conditioned for years to believe that everything the demigods they worship say is the absolute truth.

So go out there and bust the myth!

Our people have been wired to accept the blatant lies of their rulers - short-circuit this interaction. Stand in the way between the promoters of the Administration and their blind faith in Administration’s angelic goodness.

For the sake of the future of your own people, you have to totally dismantle the carnivorous machinery whose interest Nasheed’s Administration serves – The capitalist rulers of the Maldivian Tourism Industry!

(Zuvaanunge Maidhaan)

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