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Maldives: As all around lose their heads, Adhaalath Party keep their focus

Male', Maldives.

As Government, military and police overturn the constitution, as the judiciary deflates like an old balloon, as independent institutions pass the buck to one
another, as opposition parties backbite and undermine each other, the one party touted to be the "extreme" party, Adhaalath Party, once again demonstrate their solidity and focus to the Maldivian citizenry.

In the unfolding events of President Nasheed's mockery of the constitution, Adhaalath Party has taken the type of concrete logical steps one would like to see from an organized civilized opposition. Tonight, in an emergency meeting of its party council, Adhaalath Party has formed a 7 member committee to analyze the state of the country and to formulate and implement legitimate strategies and actions to change that state to a better one. The committee is headed by Adhaalath Party Chief Shaikh Imran Abdullah, and has the mandate to undertake any action that is not in contradiction to its principles.

Last night too, Adhaalath Party distinguished itself from the madding crowd by calling for concrete legal actions to address the constitutional violations by President Nasheed. It called for the impeachment of the President through due process.

In stark contrast, rival opposition parties have taken to the streets of Male', protesting against the same actions by President Nasheed. PPM today threatened direct action, if the two prisoners were not released. DRP too condemned the action, pointing out the obvious, that the Nasheed administration was no longer within the bounds of the law. DQP, revelled in its new found position as poster boys for the revolution, but did nothing concrete to secure the release of Judge Abdulla Mohamed. DQP's leadership was engaged in priming themselves for the photo-op and sound bite at Dr. Jameel's release.

None of these parties show the solid inner workings of the party councils, as Adhaalath has done. The difference here perhaps being that most other parties are built around strong men who make all the decisions, while Adhaalath Party is built on the cohesive interest base of religion.

As the night ends and a new day begins, Chief Justice Faiz has fizzled into a nonentity after a meeting with President Nasheed today. Prosecutor General Muizzu conveniently passed the buck to the Human Rights Commission of Maldives, when he could have muzzled Nasheed's police dogs using the constitutional powers vested in his office.

In the meantime, yet another night ends with Judge Abdulla Mohamed languishing, incarcerated under military detention, the state of his health and fitness a mystery to all. The opposition's long winded protests, while entertaining on cable TV and an adrenaline to participants, once again appear to have achieved nothing except more photo ops and sound bites to the opportunistic few. The status quo remains unchanged.

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