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Government wasting over millions from state funds

This is a post (posted on Dec. 25th) from: . Original Post: The NCIT of Maldives is outdated and wasting our money . These are issues we are currently unaware of: The National Centre for Information Technology (NCIT) is about to start a project which will install and setup (suppose to) Internet Service Kiosks in 24 islands across Maldives. I see this as a waste of money and a stupid idea at this stage in time. Maybe the Internet kiosks were a "cool" idea 5 years back, but not today. I feel there are better things we can do with that money and take better approaches (future proof). This whole thing about Internet kiosks needs to be re evaluated. Firstly we don't have the basic infrastructure or the applications to cater to these kiosks (or maybe MS Share Point is what they call e-government) . We need to first look into the basics before we start to roll out services like these kiosks. NCIT does not have a proper plan for the e-government and the studi

Police used Electric Shock Baton and Pepper Spray on Peaceful Protesters

Riot Police used pepper spray on over 500 demonstrators, protesting against the appointment of convicted terrorist Abdullah Shahid as state minister of defense and national security. According to witnesses police used electric shock batons and pepper spray on the peaceful protesters. However Mohamed Fayaz, assistant commissioner of police denies this by saying only pepper spray was used. Only pepper spray? Under which clause of the law did the police have the right to use “only pepper spray” on peaceful protesters? Assistant commissioner of police said the spray was a necessary deterrent as the “area was connected to the security and harmony of the nation”. They talk about security and harmony of the nation and meanwhile appoint convicted terrorists for government senior officials. About two weeks back, in an interview, assistant commissioner of police said “Gang Violence is not a police problem”. So beating with electric shock batons and spraying pepper spray on peaceful protesters is

President Nasheed (Anni) caught drinking wine on his recent visit to India

One of the India's leading business daily website's ( published an article titled " A Maldivian Symphony ". In it one of the statement says: "The Maldives has many anxieties, Nasheed told reporters over a glass of Sula Shiraz , and physical Security is just one of them." "Over a glass of Sula Shiraz"? Sula Shiraz is fine Indian wine grown in the country's top grape growing region. Mr. President explain this!

Government has no right to stop the protest

The protest held tonight to raise voice for the resignation of Abdullah Shahid as State Minister of Defense and to stop appointing such convicts for senior government posts was brought to an end by force by the Maldives Police Services. Protesters were carrying photos of the murdered victims of the November 3rd terrorist act which Shahid is said to be part of. The gathering was held at the republic square (a.k.a Jumhooree Maidhan). However, the government could not abide this and the police were ordered to put an end to a peaceful protest. According to Haveeru, some of the protesters were arrested and brought to police custody. The government has no right to stop such gatherings. Is this the so called "Democracy" president Nasheed (Anni) promised us?

Civil service members not cooperating with newly formed government

On Thursday, Maldivian Democratic Party MPs at the people's majlis said some civil service members are not fully cooperating with the newly formed government of the promising Aneh Dhivehi Raajje. Haveeru Reports: Laamu atoll MP Moosa Manik said that in some offices the civil service employees had openly declared that they do not support the new Government and were refusing to do Government work. Kaafu atoll MP and the MPD Chairperson Mariya Ahmed Didi said that the civil service staff who were not doing their job properly should be sacked. She also said that some people were of the opinion that the Government and Civil Service were two separate entities when it came to serving the public and that mentality should be changed. The public voted for a better Maldives - not for terrorists, rapists and corrupted personnel as senior officials of the newly formed government. If the president defends the terrorists and such personnel who is not accepted by the public and ignores the public

State Minister of Defense Abdullah Shahid said "People who think I am a terrorist have still not arrived to the Aneh Dhivehi Raajje”

Shahid a former National Security Service corporal, who was sentenced to death after being found guilty for the involvement of the terrorist act of November 3rd 1988, and now currently appointed as State Minister of Defense and National Security by the newly elected president Nasheed, denies his involvement in the coup attempt. This terrorist strike resulted in the death of 8 national security officials and 11 civilians and was one of the worst terrorist attacks ever to have occurred in the history of the Maldives. His death penalty was consequently commuted to life imprisonment, however pardoned and released after 16 years by the former president. Shahid has denied all his involvement in the terror attack and has said “People who think I am a terrorist have still not arrived to the Aneh Dhivehi Raajje”. Aneh Dhivehi Raajje was the 2008 presidential campaign slogan for the Maldivian Democratic Party. President Nasheed (Anni) defended his appointment of Shahid as state minister of defen

President Nasheed (Anni) says “Prison reprieve will be done accordingly with the law”

A total of 119 prisoners were placed in family custody at the beginning of this month, but the move has been criticized by opposition figures. Following this criticism over the decision, President Nasheed (Anni) has said that amnesty for prisoners who have been serving unfair sentences will be done legally. “I had pledged there would be a release for the prisoners,” he said, “but it will be done accordingly with the law”. However a member of the newly appointed parole board who did not want to be identified said they were not consulted about the decision, and that it did not follow the normal procedures. On 7 December, 119 prisoners were put on house arrest to await parole interviews after pledges by the new administration to provide amnesty or lessen their prison term. Most of the cases are drug-related. A senior police officer, who did not want his name published, said that crime rate has increased after the 119 prisoners were put on house arrest. “This has made our job more difficu

The Minister of Defense Ameen Faisal on Trial

On Monday, Minister of Defense and National Security, Ameen Faisal appeared at criminal court, changed with unlawful assembly. He was arrested in August 2006 after supposedly disrupting police who were under instructions to end a rally organized by the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP). Faisal Said he was not “worried or concerned” to be in court. The defense minister said he did not feel his case was politically motivated in anyway. State Lawyer Aishath Fazna Ahmed said the prosecution had sufficient evidence and several witness statements to convict Faisal. If Faisal is found guilty, he will be jailed between one and four years, banished for two to eight years or receive a fine of not more than US$311. State Minister of Defense and National Security, Abdullah Shahid's (terrorist of the November 3rd terrorist act) brother Hussain Shahid appeared alongside Faisal in court on the same charges. Ameen Faisal was a soldier in the defense force in November 1988 and was discharged from t

Protest organized to raise our voice against Abdullah Shahid as State Minster of Defense

There is a peaceful protest organized to raise our voice against Abdullah Shahid as State Minsiter of Defense, calling out for his immediate resignation. This gathering has nothing to do with any political political party or is not organized to withdraw the president from power. Abdhulla Shahid is one of the key terrorist who is responsible for organizing the terrorist attack on the 3rd of November 1988. TIME AND PLACE Date: Thursday, December 18, 2008 Time: 4:00pm - 6:00pm Location: Artificial Beach Street: Boduthakurufaanu Magu, City/Town: Male, Maldives

“Gang violence is not a police problem” says Assistant Commissioner of Police

Minivan News published: According to the assistant commissioner of police tackling gang violence is “not a police problem” and there are limits to investigate gang-related crime. He made this comment after the deputy home minister Abdhullah Waheed described Samir's murder “basically a police matter”. Husnu Suood, a well-known human rights lawyer, argues that the police are putting the “blame on others”. “Police responsibility is to try and prevent anything that could happen…but we can’t do everything" said the Assistant Commissioner. Police says that due to the lack of legislation, it is difficult for police to detain criminals. "Until there are laws for us, our job is difficult.” He says it is near impossible to prosecute, even with DNA evidence, because of the absence of an Evidence Act. “Even a video of the incident is not enough, there’s no protection for eye witnesses and who wants to give evidence if there’s no protection for them,” he said.lice Service, President N

Aneh Dhivehi Raajje is not safe for now: Murdered Victim’s friend wants to leave Malé

“I want to leave Malé as soon as possible…” 23 year old Samir was killed when he was stabbed multiple times in the chest by men on motorcycles on Janavaree Magu in Malé on Monday. Sameer’s friend, who was nearby when the stabbing occurred, said he heard him scream before seeing Sameer lying bleeding and unconscious. “Revenge is coming,” he said. “There is more. It’s not going to stop because gangs are ready to kill anyone they want”. “I have to protect my wife who is pregnant and my grandmother...Male’ is not a safe place,” he says. The 24 year old man, who did not want to be identified, said on Tuesday that Malé is no longer safe to live in because of the increased rate of gang related violence over the past year. Other gang murders have triggered revenge attacks and sources close to the victim have also indicated the likelihood of further confrontations. Another friend of Sameer said he believed that more violence is expected. Deputy home minister Abdullah Waheed said he found the la

Violence Escalating in Malé

The peaceful capital we once knew has become awfully grim. It is no secret that gang violence is escalating in the capital island of Maldives. In most incidents, with the intention of seriously harming or most likely killing, masked men armed with box cutters, knives, iron rods and wooden poles attacked the victims. Theft, pickpocket, criminal damage and hate crime are areas we the citizens of Maldives are very much concerned about. The crime rate increases day by day while the police are helpless finding a solution to this barbaric behavior. Could this be due to the recent payroll and transfer of the 119 prisoners in Maafushi jail to family custody? Most youth gangs are allegedly controlled by politicians. Nevertheless without proof we should not point our fingers at any political party or individual. Whatever the cause is; the government which the majority people elected must bring an end to this violence. In spite of this, using the government funds to visit islands in various atol

Dr. Ahmed Shaheed is inappropriate for being the Minister of Foreign Affairs

Previously being a member of Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) and serving as the Minister of Foreign Affairs for two years from 14th July 2005 until August 20 2007, Dr. Ahmed Shaheed is inappropriate of being the foreign minister for the current government. At an earlier time Maldives Democratic Party (MDP) had accused him of being the chief "spin doctor" for former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom. Following the 18 August Constitutional Referendum, Dr. Shaheed resigned from office in the eve of a no-confidence vote scheduled in the Majlis brought against him by conservative and MDP members of the Majlis. Shaheed had repeatedly criticized the Majlis saying it had failed the people. However Shaheed is now again reappointed as Minister of Foreign Affairs by one of the founder member of MDP and current president Mohamed Nasheed (Anni). No clarification can justify this appointment. In the past Maldives Democratic Party (MDP) alone had proven that Dr. Shaheed is not capable of being

On World Environment day, former Managing Director of MIFCO Adil Saleem calls out to maintain costly fish price

Speaking at a ceremony held on the world environment day 2008, Former Managing Director of MIFCO Adil Saleem (currently Minister of State for Fisheries and Agriculture) calls out the people working at the fisheries sector to maintain the costly price of fish. He is notably known for his drinking habits, corruption and alleged sexual misconduct with MIFCO staff members. He is also remarkably famous for a leaked private pornographic video tape people usually refer to as “hakatha”. Does former Managing Director of MIFCO Adil Saleem deserve to be Minister of State for Fisheries and Agriculture? I’m sure there are more experienced, reputed, civilized and capable people for this post.