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Nepotism rampant in Maldives President Nasheed’s Government

The 6 month old government of Maldives President Mohamed Nasheed is at present struggling with economic, social and political woes mainly of its own making. Insiders blame President Nasheed’s heavy handed control of his top heavy political administration for the mismanagement of the budget, impractical whole sale changes to the administrative structure, collapse of social and welfare services and the failing economy. The high profile faces of Nasheed’s top political appointees show a dominance of close relatives, interspersed with failed politicians and front line radicals from his party Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP). MDP sources report that this dominance of close relatives of President Nasheed, Vice President Dr Waheed and party Chairman Mariya Didi is at the root of emerging deep cracks in the MDP’s general membership. In addition to its inexperience, another factor contributing to Nasheed’s government’s continual mistakes and failures is apparently the lack of cohesion and coope

President Nasheed removed Civil Aviation Minister, proposes 3 new Ministers

Maldives President Nasheed yesterday removed his Communications and Civil Aviation Minister Mohamed Jameel Ahmed. No explanation was given by the President for his arbitrary action. However, when questioned by press, Presidential Press Secretary said that Jameel had been sacked in order to make room for another Minister. Current Minister of State for Civil Aviation Mahmood Raazee has been nominated by President Nasheed for parliamentary approval in lieu of Jameel. President Nasheed yesterday also nominated Mohamed Shihab as Home Minister. Mohamed Shihab was the previous MP for Male’ and Speaker of Parliament in the interim parliament. The Home Minister’s portfolio has been vacant since Gasim Ibrahim resigned from the post 21 days after taking oath of office. Gasim Ibrahim, leader of Jumhooree Party (JP), resigned citing differences of opinions with President Nasheed, and Nasheed’s executive decisions as against national interest. Shihab’s nomination as Home Minister keeps this portfoli

Who holds the balance of power in the Other Maldives?

(Photo: People's Majlis, Department of Judicial Administration, Presidents Office) The power balance between ruling party Maldivian Democratic Party and the opposition entered into a new phase yesterday with the parliament’s top posts being taken by leading opposition party Dhivehi Raiyyithunge Party and its coalition partner People’s Alliance. The new Constitution of the Maldives, ratified in 2008 by former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, embodies major changes in the distribution of powers between the Executive, the Legislature and the Judiciary. In addition, a far reaching Bill of Rights, constitutionally mandated independent commissions and major enabling provisions for economic and property rights codifies liberal democratic principles as the country graduates from its least developed country status. In the Other Maldives birthed on 11th November 2008, the country has been turned upside down by President Mohamed Nasheed as he embarked on ambitious changes to the country’s long

Gayoom’s coalition takes command of new parliament by bagging Speaker and Deputy Speaker posts

Maldives new parliament sworn in this morning has just elected People’s Alliance Deputy Leader and MP for Meemu Dhiggaru Ahmed Nazim as its Deputy Speaker. The opposition coalition led by Maldives former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom secured the Deputy Speaker seat with 41 votes for Ahmed Nazim, soundly defeating Maldives President Mohamed Nasheed’s candidate, its long time financier AAA company’s Ahmed Hamza, MP for Faafu Bileidhoo Constituency. Ahmed Hamza received 33 votes, with the remaining vote being deemed invalid. Earlier this afternoon, the coalition of Gayoom’s Dhivehi Raiyyithunge Party and People’s Alliance defeated President Nasheed’s Maldivian Democratic Party by electing Abdulla Shahid, MP for Vaavu Felidhoo constituency, with 42 votes. President Nasheed’s candidate for Speaker, his cousin by marriage Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, the MP for Lhaviyani Hinnavaru constituency, received 33 votes. Deputy Speaker Ahmed Nazim, who has served two previous consecutive terms as MP for

Gayoom’s coalition secures the key role of Speaker of parliament

The opposition coalition led by Maldives former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom has just secured the key role of Speaker of the newly sworn in parliament. Abdulla Shahid, MP for Vaavu Felidhoo constituency, secured the seat with 42 votes, soundly defeating Maldives President Mohamed Nasheed’s candidate MP for Lhaviyani Hinnavaru constituency Ibrahim Mohamed Solih who got 33 votes. The Parliament is even at this moment proceeding with the next item on its agenda, the election of the Deputy Speaker. MP for Alifu Dhaalu Maamigili constituency and leader of Jumhooree Party Gasim Ibrahim has proposed independent MP for Haa Dhaalu Kulhudhuffushi Mohamed Nasheed for the post of Deputy Speaker. MP for Meemu Dhiggaru Ahmed Nazim and deputy leader of People’s Alliance is the opposition coalitions’s candidate for the post, while President’s Nasheed’s ruling party Maldivian Democratic Party is supporting its long time financier AAA company’s Ahmed Hamza, MP for Faafu Bileidhoo Constituency. One imp


Nominee from the DRP for the Majlis Speaker's post, Abdullah Shahid beat his contender MDP candidate Ibrahim MOhamed Solih 42 to 33.

MDP candidate for Speaker Ibrahim Mohamed Solih not a legitimate candidate for the post

Maldives President Mohamed Nasheed’s candidate for the post of Speaker of Parliament, his cousin by marriage and childhood crony Ibrahim Mohamed Solih is not a legitimate candidate for the post as his parliamentary seat is not confirmed yet. Although the Maldives Elections Commission hastened to declare Ibrahim Mohamed Solih the winner in the Hinnavaru Constituency, it did so while the Maldives High Court was deliberating a case to nullify the EC provisional result and hold a fresh vote in that constituency. If the High Court declares in favour of the prosecution, Solih will be out of parliament, and have to contest a fresh vote. The Hinnavaru case was filed in the High Court earlier this month by independent candidate for the constituency Ahmed Shareed Abdul Rahman Yousuf. The EC results show Solih leading Shareef by a marginal 95 votes. Shareef has submitted evidence to court of several incidents that took place in the Hinnavaru Constituency during voting that was against the law. Th

Public relying on Maldives first parliament to make President Nasheed accountable

As the Maldives first parliament elected under its newly ratified constitution swears in tomorrow, the general public impatiently looks to their representatives to make President Nasheed accountable and to uphold their democratic rights and liberties. The continuing public outcry for President Nasheed to deliver on his election promises and for his slack government to get down to real business dogged Nasheed throughout his state funded campaign for his party in the recent parliamentary elections. The people now look to their representatives to make the struggling regime accountable to them. With state media muzzled by the Nasheed regime, and the ongoing extra legal activities of MDP and police force, and independent media unable to pin down the Nasheed and his top officials to any consistent dialogue, the new parliament has a vital role in shaping the immediate future of the country. The country is in a deep recession, the government budget and supplementary budget is a public joke, in

Opposition Leader Gayoom applauds judiciary for refusing to bow down to strongman President Nasheed

Police Commissioner Ahmed Faseeh In a statement issued today, Opposition Leader Maumoon Abdul Gayoom condemned in the strongest possible words, the continued harassment and persecution of political opponents by Maldives President Mohamed Nasheed’s regime. Alluding to repeated unsuccessful attempts by Police Commissioner Faseeh to obtain court warrants for President Nasheed’s political hit list, Opposition Leader Gayoom welcomed the courage shown by the judiciary to protect the civil liberties of citizens. “At this time of grave darkness and infringement of the civil and political rights of the peace loving members of this country we applaud and welcome the courageous decision by the judiciary in general and the Criminal Court in particular to uphold the Constitution and protect the civil liberties of citizens in the face of strong-arm tactics by the Executive” Gayoom stated. In a week of fear and persecution of political opponents by Maldives President Mohamed Nasheed, the public wait


Maldivian Defence Ministry just now issued a statement to media stating that they do not have any intention of arresting former President and opposition leader Qayoom. However, the media statement did not clarify whether President Nasheed has issued executive orders to the MNDF for Qayoom's immediate arrest. Military sources report that international pressure has forced Nasheed to recind his previous order. Defence Minister Amin Faisal denied all knowledge of any imminent arrest. However, this raises the question of who is in command of the police force as acting Home Minister Amin Faisal is explicitly denying any knowledge of arrests.

International pressure stops Maldives President Nasheed from arbitrarily arresting Opposition Leader Gayoom

As midnight passes in the Maldives, the capital Male’ is quiet waiting for news of President Nasheed’s threatened arrest of former president and Opposition Leader Maumoon Abdul Gayoom. Government sources report that mounting international pressure forced President Nasheed to rescind his orders to the army and police to apprehend Gayoom. These sources confirm that the governments of India and Sri Lanka immediately contacted the Nasheed Government and expressed concern at this arbitrary action. Earlier this evening, unconfirmed reports rapidly spread through the country that President Nasheed had ordered Chief of the Defence Forces Major General Moosa Ali Jaleel to arrest Gayoom before midnight tonight. Military sources report that President Nasheed threatened Major General Jaleel with dismissal should he not implement the executive order. They reported that Brigadier Roy Jayasundra was standing by at the head of armed personnel with executive orders to remove Major General Jaleel if lat


Maldives President Nasheed orders arrest of former President and Opposition Leader Gayoom According to unconfirmed reports rapidly spreading throughout the Maldives, Maldives President Nasheed has ordered the immediate arrest of former President and Opposition Leader Gayoom. Sources report that Chief of the Defence Forces Major General Moosa Ali Jaleel has been order to arrest Gayoom before midnight tonight. President Nasheed has reportedly threatened Major General Jaleel with dismissal should he not implement Nasheed’s order before midnight tonight. Further reports also state that Gayoom supporters in Male’ and the islands are preparing to peacefully rally and face the MNDF to prevent the arbitrary arrest of the opposition leader.

Fearful residents of Maldives capital Male’ cower in their homes as President Nasheed hunts the opposition

Maldivian President Mohamed Nasheed’s radical party Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) took to the streets of the capital Male’ today, calling for the public to join another of its violent demonstrations against opposition leader Maumoon Abdul Gayoom. In recent weeks, President Nasheed has stepped up his persecution of former president and opposition leader Gayoom, leveling repeated public threats at Gayoom reinforced by a series of street demonstrations led by his senior Government officials. Sources report that Nasheed has ordered the arrest of Gayoom and several others tomorrow. Male’ residents have taken to their homes and the streets of Male’ are quiet tonight as the time draws close to MDP’s threatened march on Gayoom’s private residence Alivaage. MDP has already attempted to over run Gayoom’s residence and drag him out on to the streets twice in recent weeks but have been obstructed each time by stalwart members of the public. President Nasheed continues to encourage his MDP hound


MP elect from the Baa Atoll Thulhaadhoo constituency, Nazim Rashad has confirmed he will join MDP on Dictator Nasheed's promise to initiate further land reclamation and harbour development on Thulhaadhoo as demanded by Nazim.


A court order has been issued for the Immigrations Department to confiscate RedWave Saleem's passport. Saleem is the member-elect from the Eydhafushi constituency for the Parliament.


Trouble is expected on the streets of Male' tonight as Dictator Nasheed's street gangs plan to march on Alivaage' (residence of ex-president Maumoon Abdul Qayyoom) tonight. It is also rumoured that Cowboy President Nasheed has given orders to the Maldives Police Service to arrest opposition leaders including Mr. Maumoon Abdul Qayyoom tomorrow.

Who is to blame for this nationwide malady …?

The total disregard for the rule of law by the dictatorial regime of President Nasheed of the Maldives, the injustices meted out daily against Maldivian citizens, undemocratic overturning of independent constitutional commissions, unilateral sale of national assets to foreigners and an economic recession sum up the state of affairs in the Other Maldives. Who is to blame? We, as Maldivians have the moral obligation to trace the hideous steps taken by a few key people in the months preceding the presidential elections 2008, and pin down, and also pen in black and white, who should take the blame for our current malady and in what proportions. Over 80 percent of the total blame for this depressing state of affairs of our beloved country lie squarely on the shoulders of Dr Hassan Saeed (Attorney General, November 2003-August 5th 2007). His personal vicious vendetta against former President Gayoom paved the road for incumbent despot Nasheed to win the second round of last year’s presidentia

Maldives crackdown on opposition - President Nasheed arrests first victim, wife of opposition MP

Maldives President Nasheed cracked down on opposition last night, his first victim the young wife of Ahmed Nazim, opposition MP and Deputy Leader of opposition party People’s Alliance. In a series of raids ordered by President Nasheed, police ransacked MP Ahmed Nazim’s corporate offices and his home, confiscating laptops, hard drives and documentation. Commissioner of Police Faseeh, a Nasheed appointee, led the 40 member police team that carried out the raids. Twenty four hours after she was detained, Nazim’s young wife remains in handcuffs in police custody, the charges against her still unknown. Speaking to press today, a member of her immediate family said that police charged into the private home last night terrifying MP Nazim’s two young children with their attack, and manhandled away their mother in front the children’s frightened eyes. The two young children are greatly traumatized and still cannot be consoled, the family member said. Ahmed Nazim was outside the country on a bus

Aneh Dhivehi Raajje

Maldives President Nasheed vows to sate his party’s blood lust

President Nasheed (right) with his close ally "odd-job" Ziyaattay (left) President Mohamed Nasheed, the beleaguered new president of the Maldives, continues to escalate his systemic persecution of his political opponents and dissenters. Addressing a rally of his party, Maldivian Democratic Party, on 22 May 2009, President Nasheed vowed to his party members that he would sate their blood lust for former president and opposition leader Gayoom and other political opponents. “Not one of you, doubt me on this. Take what I say now seriously, not as a joke. I will arrest people. … And I will do this too in a systemic manner. I will take this action at the appropriate time. I will do as you are demanding that I do. And when I set out to arrest people, no one can stop me”, Nasheed vowed to his ecstatic followers at the rally, held immediately after a series of failed demonstrations by MDP hooligans in front of Gayoom’s residence. These demonstrations lead by Nasheed’s State Minister f