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Terrorists may recruit pirates: Maldives

Press Trust of India Thursday, December 25, 2008 4:48 PM (New Delhi) Terrorists, who are under attacks in many countries, may recruit sea pirates to carry out strikes, Maldives President Mohammad Nasheed said on Thursday and underlined the need to step up vigilance in high seas. The recent attack on Mumbai has shown that terrorists were using 16th century ideas of carrying out strikes through the sea, said Nasheed, who swept to Presidency in the first democratic elections in the archipelago nation two months ago. The issue of being more observant and vigilant at sea came up during his discussions with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Wednesday, said the 41-year-old leader wrapping up his first official visit to India. "It is not a piracy issue any more. Pirates may be recruited into terrorist cells. That is a best type of terrorist you could get -- a pirate," he said pointing out that the attack in Mumbai has all the footprints of 16th century Indian Ocean activities. Nasheed